Dear Hooch and Friends

Recently, I have been reminded of how alcoholism messes with a person’s life. I can’t seem to get it off my mind. It is hard to watch good people fall into the nothingness of it. Thus, my letter to the demon itself. Dear Hooch and Friends, You and I have never been great friends. Occasionally, read more »

An Autumn Ritual For Letting Go of Your Blocks

Autumn is the perfect time to clean out and let go of what no longer serves you in your life. Look around and notice that the days are getting shorter and the leaves are falling from the trees. Soon, there will be less bounty and abundance being offered from the flowers and plants. Nature is read more »

Are There Negative Social Stigmas Attached to Addiction?

The image that comes to mind when you hear the word addict, it stirs up a very negative image of the person indulging wilfully in actions, which in our mind can only be summed up with one word, weakness; weakness in character, will, and morals. The word addiction in true meaning signifies the need to read more »

4 Simple and Easy to Follow Steps – A Goal Setting Guide

Do you want to be successful and live the kind of lifestyle you have always wanted? In fact, achieving what you want is not complicated, but it takes hard work and time for you to achieve it. One of the most effective techniques that will help you to get what you want is goal setting. read more »

3 Guaranteed Goal Setting Steps That Will Work

Have you written down your goals but failed to achieve them? It is not that goal setting does not work; it is the person that does not work. Most people think that all they have to do is to write down what they want on a piece of paper and miracle will occur. This is read more »

Important Things To Keep In Mind When You Work From Home

Choosing to work from home is a major endeavor. Most people envision a stress-free lifestyle of profit filled hours that are lived in comfy pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Making the transition from office to home office however, is never as easy as it appear. In order to be and stay successful in your endeavor there read more »

Ten Questions Leaders Should Ask Employees

Many years ago when I was a young worker just becoming a manager and leader and I wondered why my bosses never asked my opinion. In fact they seldom asked me anything. That seemed strange to me; after all I had infinite knowledge and the wisdom of youth and leadership certainly could have gained from read more »