Drug Addiction Counselling

Addictions counselling is a specialist field that employs methodologies drawn from several clinical disciplines. It is practiced across the world by addiction treatment consultants with various professional qualifications but generally follows similar methodologies. The success rate of any addiction therapy varies depending on the skill of the counsellor and the motivation

5 Ways Organizations Attract And Maintain Support

One of the greatest challenges faced by many of today’s organizations is balancing preserving their history (and historic reason(s) for existence), while maintaining a significant enough amount of relevance, so that they continue to evolve in a well-considered, powerful, and important way! After more than three decades of identifying, qualifying, training, developing and consulting to read more »

Creating Powerful Goals – Learn How to Generate Wealth by Overcoming Short Term Obstacles

I am going to write to you about a time-tested great way to start your New Year. You guessed it – making your list of monthly and yearly goals. The business philosopher Jim Rohn said that, “The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it read more »

Leaders Need Logic And Imagination

Some of the most intelligent, most scholarly individuals never become great leaders because they merely possess superior logic, while lacking the necessary imagination to make it meaningful. While I have discovered in my over three decades of working closely with thousands of leaders that it is certainly an important asset for a leader to be read more »

The Two Most Devastating Vanity Goals

What is a vanity goal and why is it so devastating to my life and business? Simply put, a vanity goal is a superficial desire disguised as an internal necessity in order for you to achieve success. Such goals begin with a seemingly attainable time frame for accomplishment, but soon inevitably expand beyond its intended read more »

Hope, Plan And Do!

While it is always a necessity of effective leadership to approach every aspect of his responsibilities, activities and actions with a positive, hopeful, can – do attitude and perspective, there is also a need to balance one’s hopes with thorough planning and preparation. That means that a true leader realizes that there is a need read more »

Do You Have These Bad Leadership Skills?

Bad Leadership skills seem to be abundant in the workplace and organizational settings nowadays. It is not so easy to practice leadership that is why people seem to opt for the easy way out. They just use whatever leadership skills they have. They don’t learn. They don’t look at models and mentors and just do read more »