Application 1 to Creating Champions – Inspiring Excellence in the Workplace

Be A Leader – The Power of Example I’ve searched the learned halls of the internet and the depths of my brain for a good, short definition of leadership. I came to one conclusion. It’s impossible to define leadership in any short, concise way. It’s too complex. The closest I have come is: Managers shuffle read more »

Happy New Year 2011 – Congrats You Made It!

Another year has come and gone. You made it once again. As you look back over the previous year take a few minutes of your time to ask yourself these questions and answer them. They may reveal some interesting things about you that you need to find out now and not wait until the end read more »

Why Leadership Matters

Without leadership, nothing gets done. What happens if nobody steps up? Nothing. Somebody has to cross the bridge first, to be the one who sticks their neck out, to establish a direction and inspire people to action. Anyone can lead from any level-opportunities to be a leader are everywhere, every day. What does that mean? read more »

5 Steps For Leadership Achievement

Simply because someone is either appointed or elected to a position of leadership, does not, in and of itself, make that individual a real leader! Rather, true leadership is based on accomplishments and achievements, rather than empty promises, and/ or rhetoric. A great leader understands that there are five steps to accomplish this achievement: 1. read more »

7 Tips for Excellent Leadership

We are all leaders at some time in some aspect of our lives, whether it be at work, on the sports field or at home with our family. This article provides some practical tips on how to be more effective in our roles of influencing and leading others. What is Leadership? Fundamentally, leadership is about read more »

What Is Shopping Addiction?

Addiction to shopping, like all other addictions is not very well understood in our society. However, the thought patterns that drive the addiction are common to the addictive mind, and recovery looks very similar. We live in a society of waste, excess, and pleasure seeking. We are encouraged to borrow money to pay for this read more »

Get to the Top – Step by Step

What are your goals and dreams? So gigantic they make your stomach hurt – just a little? Or are they small, easily achievable and bore you to death? Goals and dreams can range in stature from small and unassuming to larger than life itself. Which type of goal is the best you may ask? Well, read more »