Take Charge People Are Natural Leaders – Be Careful Whom You Call Arrogant!

Okay so, let’s talk about leadership and the tough challenges of fulfilling your leadership duties without appearing too self-confident, or considered arrogant. There are individuals amongst us, in our society and civilization who seem to be stronger than the rest, more physically fit, more intelligent, and superstars of humanity, almost human plus. We should celebrate read more »

How to Keep Your Head Whilst All Around You Are Losing Theirs

Ongoing personal development involves dedication, preparation and application as well as some other ‘ations’. Of these dedication is possibly the most important. You can have as much preparation and application as you like but without the dedication to see it through until you succeed everything else will be in vain. To be dedicated to doing read more »

Finding Holes in Your Leadership

It would be great if success in life was achieved by following three steps, four rules or even the eleven things you must know. But life isn’t simple and it is often the smallest of details that trip you up, when you miss the obvious. As an autistic person, learning to cope with the world read more »

Striking Out? Bat a Successful Homerun in Life

If you’ve honestly tried to reach your goals in life and have failed, then you need to take a long look at the game plan you’ve been using. Sometimes you have to adjust your footing so you can gain better traction in where you are right now and where you want to lead your life. read more »

Drug Recovery – Rehab Centers Must Know Its Role Well

A patient suffering from drugs is affected by many social and family problems. It is a stunning fact that many children are suffering from excessive use of harmful and dangerous drugs based on alcohol and others. This is also important that easy and quick relief is only short term solution and major emphasis should be read more »

Support Is The Key to Your Success

I used to think that I could do it all on my own. I used to think that I could be some magical, self-sufficient creature who was just able to accomplish all of these amazing goals without the help of other people. Boy was I wrong. The thing is, I can’t accomplish much without other read more »

Overcoming Weed Addiction – Does it Have to Be Difficult?

Overcoming weed addiction is often considered a difficult process and when you start out the road ahead may look like a journey filled with pain and problems that may turn you back to marijuana and back to your old way of life until it once more becomes unbearable and the cycle starts again. But does read more »