Do You Have Your PDP (Personal Development Plan)?

Think of your PDP as a roadmap to success for your life. Your PDP gives you clarity for your goals and is also your accountability partner. This roadmap is your NO EXCUSE zone. Be flexible and adjust as you go along. So what areas of your life would you like to improve or develop? Possible read more »

Lindsay Lohan’s Affect on Her Generation

It is obvious that having Lindsay Lohan check into a rehabilitation facility in January of this year and attend AA meetings in December of 06, was a short-term band-aid approach for a major open sore – called Alcoholism. It appears that LL is still drinking alcohol; and so, she has not been able to admit read more »

Small Changes Can Make Big Impacts

I’m a fan of the show “Dancing with Stars”, not so much to watch the stars, but to see the feedback every week that allows the participants to actually get better – even become fairly decent dancers within a period of weeks. The feedback to help them progress is generally targeted, specific practice ideas to read more »

Broken Promises – The Most Famous New Year’s Resolutions You Didn’t Fulfill Ever!

New Year is a great period for everyone. It’s known for its awesome fireworks, amazing dinners and for burying all the bad things of the past year. And New Year is known for another one of its phenomenons: the New Year’s Resolution! And we know that although most of these resolutions are possible, a lot read more »

Tips to Stop Smoking Pot – Act Instead of React!

“A life of reaction is a life of slavery, intellectually and spiritually. One must fight for a life of action, not reaction.” This phrase or philosophy was coined by the writer Rita Mae Brown and has many meanings and applications to those who need tips to stop smoking pot. Reaction is all about being pushed read more »

Business Leadership Coaching

It is often said that if you want to succeed, you must empower your employees. They represent the face of the company. The are the most important asset to a business person. Business leadership coaching is important if you want to improve managerial techniques of your employees. The syllabus is incorporated in some business schools read more »

Always Act As If Your Acts Were Seen

Balthasar Gracian, the 17th Century philosopher and Jesuit priest, is famous for his Art of Worldly Wisdom aphorisms–300 in all. The one featured below is number 297: Surely it is a great advantage to us to act as if we were under constant supervision… “He must see all round who sees that men see him read more »